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For the past 25 years, I have won disability retirement benefits for Federal and Postal employees. Those benefits not only insure a monthly income but in almost all cases, continuing medical coverage.

I have won disability retirement benefits for Federal and Postal employees working in dozens of different agencies and in every conceivable type of job.

I have won for those disabled by depression, panic attacks and bipolar disorder; for those with chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and for those suffering the chronic pain of carpel tunnel syndrome, degenerative back diseases and migraine headaches.

I have won disability retirement benefits for injured Postal employees already on workers’ compensation but at whit's end with OWCP’s shenanigans; for Federal employees targeted for suspension or firing because their agency refused to believe that they were too sick to work and for Federal government employees wrongfully charged with AWOL and those given the hassle of their lives because they dared to request sick leave, FMLA, or LWOP.

I have won disability retirement benefits for Federal and Postal employees nationwide, from Indiana to Texas, from California to New York, even though my law office is in Washington, DC, just 20 blocks from OPM headquarters.

Call or email me, Harvey Friedman, Attorney at Law, for a free phone consultation. You can reach me directly from anywhere in the continental United States at 1-800-680-3210 or in the DC Metro area 202-462-4000.

Better still; email me at Describe your major symptoms. Describe your major job duties; tell me how your symptoms interfere with you performing one or more of those job duties. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


>> Earnings from Other Employment
>> Eligibility
>> Getting Paid by the Government
>> Getting the Doctor on Your Side
>> Winning My Case
SUBJECT: Earnings from Other Employment  

  1.   Can I work in another job after I retire from my government job on disability?
  2.   Is there an earnings limitation in that other job?
  3.   If I lose my disability annuity by earning too much, can I ever get it back?

SUBJECT: Eligibility  

  1.   What is disability retirement?
  2.   How long do I have to work for the government in order to be eligible for disability retirement?
  3.   How long must the disability be likely to last before I am eligible for disability retirement?

SUBJECT: Getting Paid by the Government  

  1.   Will the amount I collect be related to the degree of my disability?
  2.   How much will I collect each month on disability retirement?
  3.   How long will I be paid that monthly annuity?

SUBJECT: Getting the Doctor on Your Side  

  1.   How will my doctor react when I ask for help in getting disability retirement?
  2.   What if my physician refuses to assist in my disability retirement application?
SUBJECT: Winning My Case  

  1.   Will I need a lawyer to win disability retirement?
  2.   Which is more important in getting disability retirement, the nature of my disease or injury, or the symptoms from which I suffer?
  3.   How do I prove that I am disabled?